12 Amazing Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

12 Amazing Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Your kidneys are massively important – and when it comes to painful consequences if they get messed up, they’re near the top of the list.

Kidney stones occur when your kidneys aren’t able to do their job effectively – and they can make your life excruciating. They can cause tearing, block the flow of urine, and will cause you excruciating pain until they pass.

Not fun! Your kidneys are super important – they’re the filtration system for your entire body. Waste products, impurities, toxins – they all get filtered out of the blood and wind up in the kidneys. Your kidneys also filter those toxins, plus extra water and unused nutrients from your diet into your bladder to be expelled from your body. (1)

When your kidneys slow down and can’t process all that stuff, it crystalizes and forms kidney stones, and well… you know the rest.

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That’s why today we’re going to cover the bets natural remedies to get rid of kidney stones, so that you can relieve the excruciating kidney stone symptoms and heal your body by getting rid of them as quickly as possible.

The Best Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

1. Harness The Power Of Kidney Beans

There are some schools of thought that say you should eat foods that are shaped like different organs in your body to help those organs. The scientific evidence behind that hypothesis might be slim, but don’t discount the fact that kidney beans can help your kidneys function better. (2)

That’s because kidney beans are high in magnesium, which helps soothe the symptoms of kidney stones.

What you want to do is take kidney bean pods and remove the beans, then boil the pods for about 6 hours to make an infusion. Strain the infusion and let it cool, then take sips to soothe especially painful kidney stone symptoms.

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2. Try More Basil

Basil tea and basil juice can both be effective when treating kidney stones and helping your kidneys to function better. (3)

When you ingest more basil, it helps your kidneys keep your body’s waste products and fluids balance better, decreasing the number of kidney stones that can crystalize.

You can either drink more basil tea, or my favorite: take a teaspoon of basil juice with some raw honey to soothe kidney stone symptoms and help get rid of kidney stones.

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3. Stay Hydrated And Drink Lots Of Water

If you want to pass kidney stones faster and more easily, there’s no better way than drinking lots of water. Try to drink 12 glasses of water per day – upped from the usual 8 glass recommendation. (4)

Plus, if you want to use an ounce of prevention to avoid a pound of cure, keep drinking at least 8 glasses and preferably 12 ounces after you pass your kidney stone. One of the biggest causes of kidney stones is dehydration – so if you don’t want any more kidney stones keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water.

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4. Drink Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice is a great kidney stone remedy because it has so many nutrients that your body and kidneys desperately need – and it helps to flush out your kidney to get rid of the deposits causing the stones to form. (5)

Wheatgrass juice can cause side effects like nausea, so start off by drinking just 2 ounces in a day and seeing how you feel. If you can tolerate wheatgrass juice without any side effects, you can up your dosage gradually – but you should never drink more than 8 ounces per day.

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5. Apple Cider Vinegar Will Break Up Kidney Stones

If you want to dissolve your kidney stones, apple cider vinegar is a great option. That’s because it’s high in citric acid, which dissolves the kidney stones – plus it helps prevent new kidney stones from forming. (6)

It also helps to ease the painful symptoms of kidney stones and flushes out your kidneys. To take apple cider vinegar as a recipe, mix 2 tablespoons into 8 ounces of water and drink it over the course of a day.

Avoid taking more than 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a day as it can cause unhealthy side effects. People who are taking diuretics, insulin, or people with diabetes should avoid apple cider vinegar as a remedy.

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6. Take Some Dandelion Root

If you want to support your kidneys and make sure they’re properly functioning, dandelion root is a great supplement to take. (7)

It also can help cleanse your kidneys and clean them out from the inside. You can take 500mg of dandelion root twice a day – but don’t go any more than that.

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7. Make Some Horsetail Tea

Horsetail tea is a natural diuretic. That means that it helps to flush out the inside of your body and help pass water through your body more quickly – helping you to get rid of the extra uric acid that might have built up in your kidneys. (8)

You can either take 2 grams of horsetail in capsule form, or drink as many as 4 cups of horsetail tea per day to see relief from your kidney stone symptoms.

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8. Try Some Uva Ursi To Rid Yourself Of Kidney Stones

Uva ursi (also known as kinnikinnick) is related to bearberries and has been used for a long time as a remedy for kidney stones. (9)

It helps to kill bacteria that can cause infections in your kidneys, and also helps to flush out and clean your urinary tract. Try taking 500mg of uva ursi 3 times per day to help get rid of kidney stones.

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9. Add More Magnesium To Your Life

If you want to get rid of kidney stones and stop them from forming, especially if they keep happening to you, try upping the magnesium in your diet.

You can take supplements to add more magnesium to your life, or you can eat more magnesium rich foods, like nuts, avocados, beans, fish, dried fruit, dark leafy greens, and more. (10)

10. Try More Organic Celery

Celery is an awesome diuretic that helps keep you hydrated and producing healthy, hydrated urine to flush out your kidneys and leave them feeling healthy. (11)

Try adding more to your diet – either in celery form or celery seeds. You can also make celery seed tea, which many people say helps to stop kidney stones from forming in the first place.

11. Drink More Pomegranate Juice

It’s difficult to list all the health benefits of pomegranate – because A: the list is too long and B: more keep getting discovered.

Researchers have found that pomegranate seeds and juice can help stop kidney stones from forming and help to pass them if they have already formed. Add more pomegranate juice to your life if you’re struggling with kidney stones and see if it makes a big improvement. (12)

12. Cut Out Unhealthy Foods From Your Diet

There’s growing research that suggests that unhealthy foods like energy drinks and sugary sodas can increase your risk of kidney stones – along with processed foods and excessive alcohol consumption.

Try eating more whole, unprocessed foods, and avoid unhealthy packaged food when you can. That alone can make a huge difference in the amount of kidney stones that you get – and help get rid of any kidney stones you might already have.

The 12 Best Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

  1. Harness the power of kidney beans
  2. Try more basil
  3. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water
  4. Drink wheatgrass juice
  5. Apple cider vinegar will break up kidney stones
  6. Take some dandelion root
  7. Make some horsetail tea
  8. Try some uva ursi to rid yourself of kidney stones
  9. Add more magnesium to your life
  10. Try more organic celery
  11. Drink more pomegranate juice
  12. Cut out unhealthy foods from your diet

natural remedies for kidney stones

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