15 Effective Home Remedies for Nausea And Morning Sickness

15 Effective Home Remedies for Nausea And Morning Sickness

Everybody knows what it feels like to feel nauseous and sick – and no one wants to go through it.

After all, you know something is unpleasant when people look forward to throwing up as a way to end it.

Whether it’s caused by food poisoning, disease, morning sickness, medication, or even dehydration, nausea is something that is unwelcomed and uncomfortable.

If you’re dealing with nausea where you know the cause and you don’t want to take over the counter medication, try one of these home remedies to cut down on the nausea you feel and get yourself feeling better.

As always, talk to your doctor before trying any new treatment plan, especially if you’re already taking medication or you have another condition that might complicate your treatment.

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So without further intro, here are the most effective home remedies for nausea and morning sickness:

The Best Home Remedies For Nausea And Morning Sickness

1. Use The Scent Of Lemon To Your Advantage

Lemon is one of the freshest and brightest smelling foods. There’s a reason why a huge percentage of cleaning solutions are lemon scented – lemon makes you think of cleanliness and brightness.

Which makes it the perfect scent for cutting through the muddy, awful feeling of nausea and helping you to feel better.

What you need:

1 lemon

What to do:

Using a sharp knife, cut your lemon in half and hold half of the lemon up to your nose. You shouldn’t put it so far up that you’re practically shoving it up your nose – just close enough for the scent of the lemon to be able to waft into your nose.

Breathe deeply and let the smell of the lemon calm your stomach down and help you to feel better.

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2. Find Your Comfort Zone

If your nausea is accompanied by feelings of faintness and dizziness, it’s likely that circulation is to blame. Which is good news – because that means that the remedy you need is very simple (and something you might be feeling like doing anyway).

There are a couple of great ways to get yourself feeling better and to get the blood flowing where it needs to go in your body. These also will help you feel more stable, and cut down on any dizziness or spinning sensations you might be feeling.

What you need:

A dark, quiet room

or – A quiet corner or wall to sit against

What to do:

If you have access to a dark, quiet room, try going there and taking a short lie down to help yourself feel better. Don’t prop your head up on a pillow – keep it flat against the surface you’re lying on, and breathe deeply with your knees bent.

If you don’t have anywhere you can lie down, try to sit with your back against a wall and your knees up. Put your head between your knees and breathe deeply to regain your balance and your calm.

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3. Improve Your Fresh Air Flow

There’s a reason that the phrase “get some fresh air” is so common and practically clichéd at this point – it’s because it really works.

Getting fresh air, or creating airflow so that fresh air is blowing across your face is a great way to calm down your stomach and regain your control.

What you need:

Access to a quiet outdoor space

or – A fan

What to do:

Find a place to sit down or lie down, and position the fan so that it’s blowing cooler air across your face. If you can get an oscillating fan, that’s even better, as the rhythm can be calming.

If you can find a quiet outdoor space – even better. Real, fresh, outdoor air can do wonders for nausea.

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4. Try Light Carbs To Calm A Queasy Stomach

If you’re feeling especially queasy, the thought of eating anything is enough to make you feel sick to your stomach.

That’s why it’s so important to stick to blander, lighter foods when you’re feeling nauseous. Trying to jump from zero to sixty when it comes to eating again is likely to put you right back at square one.

The best foods to eat when you’re feeling sick are small amounts of light carbohydrates. That means saltines, toast, and other easy things for your stomach to digest and settle.

When you’re feeling a little better, you can try adding some light protein like chicken breast – but for now stick to the light carbs and your stomach will thank you.

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5. Acupressure To The Rescue

What is acupressure? Glad you asked!

Acupressure is when you press down on specific points on your body that, when pressure is applied to them, relieve different symptoms and help you to feel better.

And yes, that includes nausea!

The direct mechanism behind a lot of acupressure hasn’t been clearly proven, but people suspect that pressing specific points on your body releases neurochemicals that help you regain balance in your brain and help you to feel less queasy and sick.

What you need:

Something to apply pressure with (your fingers work great)

Willingness to try something new!

What to do:

First, try finding something called the “pc6 point” on your inner forearm. Hold your left arm palm up in front of you, then take your right hand and line up your right ring finger with the bottom of your left palm.

3 fingerlengths up on your forearm, in between the two tendons in your upper arm, you’ll find your pc6 point. It will line up with the outside of your right index finger, in-between the two tendons.

Find the depression between the two tendons and apply pressure with your right thumb, massaging for 4 to 5 seconds.

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6. Cool Off To Calm Nausea

Using a cool compress is a great way to get yourself feeling better and to reduce the symptoms of nausea that you’re experiencing.

It doesn’t have to be frostbite level cold – just something cool that you can apply to the skin on the back of your neck when you’re feeling especially nauseous.

What you need:

A cool compress

What to do:

Keep your cool compress in the freezer so it’s always ready. When you’re feeling nauseous, take it out of the freezer and let it rest on the counter for a couple of minutes.

Run cool water over a washcloth and wring it out, then wrap the cool compress in it. Then, apply the cool compress to the back of your neck and relax as it helps to quell your queasiness.

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7. Ginger Is A Great Friend

Ginger is one of the most popular and well known home remedies for nausea for a very specific reason: it just plain works.

Whether it’s ginger tea, ginger ale, raw ginger, or however you slice it – ginger helps to stop you from feeling nauseous and it gets you back to feeling better.

Ginger contains compounds called phenols that relax your stomach muscles and soothe irritation, and they also help your intestine process the foods that it’s digesting so that you feel better faster.

The most effective way to use ginger as a remedy is in fresh ginger tea, although if you have access to real ginger ale (not just ginger flavored soda) that can work really well too.

What you need:

2 inches of fresh ginger root

3 cups of water

What to do:

Wash off your 2 inches of ginger root and peel it, then slice it into very small pieces. Boil your water and add the ginger, and leave it boiling for 4 or 5 minutes. Then take it off the heat and strain out your tea, and sip. If you want sweeter tasting tea, add honey.

8. Frozen Lemons Or Limes Can Help You Feel Fine Again

Like with cool compresses, the feeling of something cool can relax your body and help your stomach feel less queasy.

And like with the scent of lemon, the freshness of frozen lemons and limes can calm your stomach down and keep the nausea at bay.

This is just like eating a popsicle or ice cube when your stomach is upset, but with the added benefit of cutting down on any nausea you feel and helping you to feel better as quickly as possible.

What you need:

Keep several slices of lemon or lime in a plastic baggy freezer so that they’re ready when you need them

What to do:

If you’re feeling nauseous, take your frozen lemon or lime slice out of the freezer and pop it in your mouth for a cool, refreshing treat.

The cool sensation and citrus taste should help calm your stomach down, and the rush of saliva is at least better than the feeling when your mouth fills with saliva right before you feel like you’re going to throw up.

Try this trick lying down for even better results.

9. Stay Hydrated To Feel Better Faster

If you’re throwing up and feeling super nauseous, the last thing you probably want to do is take in more fluids.

However, one of the most important things to do while you’re feeling sick is to replenish your body’s vital nutrients and fluids, or else you’ll hamper your recovery and make yourself feel even worse.

The best thing you can do when you’re feeling sick and throwing up is to give your body back the fluids it’s losing. Make sure to keep drinking – even when you’re feeling nauseous.

What you need:



Weak juices like watered down Gatorade and Pedialyte

What to do:

Make sure to keep drinking even when you’re feeling sick. If you throw up, as soon as you feel able and you’ve washed out your mouth, refresh your body’s fluids with something from the list above.

10. Sip, Don’t Gulp, To Avoid Feeling Sick

When you’re making sure to replace the fluids that you’re losing, it’s important to take it slow so that you don’t make yourself feel even sicker.

Sip whatever you’re drinking in tiny swallows. That way, your stomach has time to adjust, and you can figure out how much fluid you can handle at one time.

Don’t gulp any more than 1 to 2 ounces of a drink, and you should stay hydrated while avoiding extra nausea.

11. Don’t Obsess And You’ll Feel Better

Oftentimes, if you’re trying to fight nausea you could be making yourself feel even more sick.

That’s because if you really, really hate throwing up, the dread of actually vomiting might amplify the nausea you’re feeling and make you feel even worse.

The fear of throwing up and of feeling more nauseous can make you feel even sicker and more nauseous in the first place. So what can you do?

First, try some breathing exercises. Breathe deeply and slowly – 5 counts in and 5 counts out is a good place to start. Sipping water between exercises helps.

Second, acknowledge the fact that you might throw up, and accept it. If you’re going to throw up, you’re going to throw up – no matter how hard you try to fight against it. And obsessing over it is only going to make it worse.

So accept the fact that you might throw up, then stop thinking about it. It’ll cut down on the fear and dread you feel, and help you feel better faster.

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12. Use Peppermint Oil To Feel Fresh Again

Peppermint is another scent that can make you feel clean, fresh, and in control – even when you’re feeling nauseous and queasy.

You can try peppermint tea to get the same effect, but if you’re already drinking a ginger drink or you don’t have any peppermint tea, you can use peppermint oil for the same effect.

What you need:

Peppermint oil

What to do:

Dip a q-tip into some peppermint oil, and apply it directly to your gums. The cooling scent, sensation, and taste can help you feel less queasy and more stable almost instantly.

13. If You’re Going To Vomit, Let It Happen

Sometimes, the only way to stop feeling nauseous is to just realize you’re going to throw up and stop fighting it.

Depending on the situation, throwing up isn’t the worst thing that can happen. A lot of the time, throwing up is way better than the dread and queasiness of the nausea that leads up to it!

Plus, after you throw up generally you feel a lot better and a lot less nauseous – so if nothing is working, try letting yourself vomit and see if you feel better afterwards.

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14. Try Meadowsweet Tea For Sweet Relief

Meadowsweet is a wildflower that tastes very nice, and it’s also very effective at kicking nausea and making yourself feel better.

It pairs extremely well with rosemary, and makes a great tea that can help reduce nausea symptoms and stop you from feeling so sick.

As with all herbal remedies, make sure to talk to a doctor, especially if you’re taking other medications.

What you need:

1 tablespoon of meadowsweet

1 cup of water

What to do:

Boil your water, and add your tablespoon of meadowsweet into your favorite mug. Pour the boiling water over your tea, then cover it and let it steep for at least 10 minutes.

Strain out the meadowsweet, and sip for relief.

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15. Try Some Bitters To Stop Nausea

This is a surprising remedy, but one that many people swear by.

Try adding bitters (like you’d add to a cocktail) to tonic, club soda, or ginger ale, and then sip carefully.

The ginger ale in particular is already really good at soothing nausea and helping you feel better, and the bitters can add to that effect and help keep your nausea at bay.

The Best Home Remedies For Nausea And Morning Sickness

  1. Use the scent of lemon to your advantage
  2. Find your comfort zone
  3. Improve your fresh air flow
  4. Try light carbs to calm a queasy stomach
  5. Acupressure to the rescue
  6. Cool off to calm nausea
  7. Ginger is a great friend
  8. Frozen lemons or limes can help you feel fine again
  9. Stay hydrated to feel better faster
  10. Sip, don’t gulp, to avoid feeling sick
  11. Don’t obsess and you’ll feel better
  12. Use peppermint oil to feel fresh again
  13. If you’re going to vomit, let it happen
  14. Try meadowsweet tea for sweet relief
  15. Try some bitters to stop nausea

home remedies for nausea and morning sickness

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