The 11 Biggest Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach After Waking Up

The 11 Biggest Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach After Waking Up

Everyone knows water is important for you. Staying hydrated, keeping your body refreshed, making sure all your vital systems, organs, and parts are working correctly – water is essential to all of that.

But while most people know how important it is to drink water throughout the day, they’ve missed out on some of the more powerful benefits that water can bring to our lives.

It’s true – drinking water throughout the day is a great way to keep your body running well and stay hydrated.

But if you really want to unlock water’s hidden power, and unlock incredible health benefits that last not just for today, but can continue to last for the rest of your life – keep reading this article and discover the secret.

What’s The Water Drinking Secret?

The secret is… to drink water!

Just kidding. But not really.

The secret is actually to drink about 5 and a half ounces of water right when you wake up.

And then… to do that 4 more times.

It’s a lot, but you’re aiming to drink a little more than 21 and a half ounces of water right after waking up. That can be 4 cups of water of about 5.5 ounces, or one big water chug – however you do it that’s most comfortable for you. If you can’t do it all on an empty stomach, start with however much you can drink and work your way up to it gradually.

The most important thing is to do it when you wake up, before brushing your teeth and with your stomach completely empty.

After you take this “water treatment”, avoid eating breakfast for another 45 minutes.

The only other rule is that you should drink a glass of water approximately a half hour before you eat lunch and dinner – and not drink any water for 2 hours after eating any meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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Why Should I Drink More Water?

Because you’ll die if you don’t. Seems pretty simple.

Besides the obvious, dehydration is one of the things that causes the greatest unseen (and seen) toll on your body. As you read through this list, you’ll find out about some of the hidden and not so hidden ways that dehydration ravages your body – and how drinking water on an empty stomach essentially puts the brakes on all of that.

You don’t want to be dehydrated. It messes you up – and long term dehydration can lead to more serious health conditions like angina, migraines, kidney stones, sinusitis, and worse. Trust me – you don’t want it.

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So what should you do? Drink water on an empty stomach! Here’s why:

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach?

I’m glad you asked! After all – drinking more than 20 ounces of water on an empty stomach is a bit “hard to swallow.”

If you haven’t been scared off by that terrible pun, here are some of the biggest benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach.

1. It Will Help With Indigestion And Heartburn

When you’re suffering from indigestion, it means your digestive system is encountering a snag and not working quite properly. When you’re suffering from heartburn, it’s because your stomach acid is making its way up into your esophagus, where it doesn’t belong.

So what’s the solution? Drinking water on an empty stomach, of course!

When you drink lots of water on an empty stomach in the morning, it dilutes the excess stomach acid that could be causing your indigestion and is definitely causing your heartburn. In addition, it washes the stomach acid out of your esophagus and conquers your early morning heart burn. It also preps your stomach for breakfast later that morning, helping to avoid any other indigestion.

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2. It Can Help Prevent Bladder Infections And Kidney Stones

When you drink tons of water on an empty stomach, you dilute acids in your body – both in your stomach and elsewhere.

Where elsewhere? Your kidneys!

Diluting the acid in your kidneys helps prevents excruciatingly painful kidney stones. Plus, all the extra fluid going into your body must come out somehow – which means that you’ll be flushing out your bladder with more fluid and helping to get rid of bacteria that can cause a bladder infection. (1)

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3. It Flushes Toxins Out Of Your Body

Water is THE natural flush for your body – it helps your body clear out all the waste and byproducts of its natural processes and leaves it running at peak efficiency.

That means that all the natural waste byproducts that build up in your body overnight while you’re sleeping get flushed out the next morning after drinking lots of water – leading you to feel better and less sluggish all the next day.

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4. It Boosts Your Immune System

Your immune system is the thing standing between you and infections, viruses, and a host of other bad things you don’t want to have happen to your body.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to do all the things that naturally strengthen it – and drinking water on an empty stomach definitely counts as one of those. (2)

So grab a few glasses of water when you wake up in the morning and reduce your risk of getting sick!

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5. It Boosts Your Metabolism

Looking to lose weight? Just want to give your metabolism and energy an overall boost? That’s right – drinking water on an empty stomach can help you with that.

Studies have shown that you can boost your metabolism by nearly 25% by drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps your body digest the food and nutrients it needs faster – making your body overall more efficient and helping your metabolism run better. (3)

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6. It Gives Your Appetite A Healthy Boost

Lots of people don’t eat breakfast in the morning. Many of them don’t eat breakfast because they’re simply not feeling hungry.

And that’s a mistake.

Breakfast is such an important meal to eat to set the stage for your day and give your body the energy it needs. By boosting your appetite, drinking water on an empty stomach helps you remember to eat breakfast and get your day started right. (4)

7. It Reduces Headaches

Maybe the most common reason that people get headaches throughout the day is simple dehydration. People don’t get enough water, their body becomes dehydrated, and as a result – they get painful headaches that distract and last for hours.

So what’s the solution? Drinking more water! By drinking lots of water on an empty stomach, you’ll be getting a jump start on your hydration for the entire day, and preventing headaches from messing up your day. (5)

8. It Gives You Healthier, Smoother Hair

One of the biggest predictors of poor hair health, split ends, and brittle, dry hair is dehydration.

When your body isn’t getting enough hydration, it doesn’t have enough moisture to send to your hair to keep it healthy. The result is dry, unhealthy hair that even the best conditioners have a hard time fixing.

As always – the solution is drinking more water! Staying hydrated by drinking water on an empty stomach gives your hair the moisture it craves and helps you have a lustrous and healthy head of hair.

9. It Helps You Lose Weight

Drinking water on an empty stomach gives you a “base” that can carry you through the morning and even into the afternoon.

That means that when 11 o’clock rolls around, you won’t be feeling cravings for the sugariest, starchiest, most unhealthy food you can think of. You’ll already have a solid base in your stomach (especially when you eat a healthy breakfast), and it will help you lose weight the natural way. (6)

10. It Makes Your Skin Healthier

When you’re dehydrated, it has dire consequences for your skin.

How dire?

Well, for one, it can cause premature wrinkles – and deepen your pores, leading to worse complexion.

If you want to cut that off at the source, all you have to do is drink more water. One study found that drinking more water increases circulation and blood flow to the skin – leading to more radiant and healthier skin. (7)

11. It Increases Your Energy

When you drink more water, you can give yourself an energy boost that lasts the rest of the day.

Drinking water on an empty stomach stimulates your body’s production of red blood cells – which means your blood will be more oxygenated and you’ll feel more alert and energetic.

In summary…

The Best Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

  1. It will help with indigestion and heartburn
  2. It can help prevent bladder infections and kidney stones
  3. It flushes toxins out of your body
  4. It boosts your immune system
  5. It boosts your metabolism
  6. It gives your appetite a healthy boost
  7. It reduces headaches
  8. It gives you healthier, smoother hair
  9. It helps you lose weight
  10. It makes your skin healthier
  11. It increases your energy

benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

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