The 10 Biggest Benefits Of Drinking Moringa Daily

The 10 Biggest Benefits Of Drinking Moringa Daily

What is moringa? I’m glad you asked!

Moringa plant, known by its scientific name as moringaoleifera, and known colloquially as drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or ben tree – is a veritable superfood.

It’s got antioxidants. It’s an anti-inflammatory. It protects healthy tissues. And that’s not all – but we’ll get to more benefits in a second.

To put it bluntly, it’s got nearly everything you need to boost your health and leave you feeling great. It’s been used for centuries in countries like India and Pakistan as a natural remedy for… well… nearly everything under the sun.

Anemia? Moringa plant. Diabetes? Heart disease? Skin problems? Liver disease? arthritis?

Moringa plant.

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Let’s take a look at how to use moringa plant and what makes it such an incredible supplement.

How Should You Take Moringa Plant?

Moringa is available as a powdered supplement. The plant itself is also edible – you can eat the seeds, fruits, roots, pods, bark, and flowers.

Some great ways to take moringa is to infuse water with it and drink it as a tea, or to add the powdered supplement to a smoothie or yogurt. The flavor is mild and shouldn’t bother most people, so go for it when it comes to adding more moringa to your diet. (1)

Just be careful if you decide to take moringa seed extract, as it’s been shown to be toxic in some doses. In addition, high doses of moringa can cause a laxative effect, so start small and build yourself up until you know how much moringa your body likes. Try to keep it under a teaspoon per day.

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The Biggest Benefits Of Moringa

1. Moringa Protects Your Liver

Moringa is jam packed with organic compounds called polyphenols that are great for your body – and more specifically great for your liver.

The polyphenols in the leaves and flowers of moringa help stop oxidation in your liver, and help your liver resist toxicity and damage. (2)

If you want to get your liver back on track, reach for some moringa oil. It’s been found to put your liver enzymes back in balance, which helps your liver run better.

Researchers have even found some evidence that moringa can help reduce liver damage and even in some cases reverse the damage and oxidation that’s already happened. (3)

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The liver is one of the most important organs in your body – so if you want it to be as healthy as possible moringa is a great choice. The liver is vital for metabolizing different nutrients, producing bile, and detoxifying your blood – and without it you’re in deep, deep trouble. Keep it healthy with some moringa.

2. It Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to many different things – but it also can cause a lot of problems. That’s where moringa comes in.

Moringa suppresses inflammatory proteins and enzymes in your body – which means less inflammation and less risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and respiratory problems. (4)

Moringa leaf concentrate has also been found to lower cellular inflammation – so if you’re suffering from any inflammation symptoms you might want to try supplementing with moringa.

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3. Moringa Keeps Your Brain Healthy

Want your brain to operate at peak efficiency? You might want to reach for moringa.

The antioxidants in moringa have been found to help your brain function more efficiently – and it has other brain-boosting properties as well.

Scientists have begun working on studies looking at moringa and Alzheimer’s disease. While there’s still tons of work to be done, the initial results look good. (5)

Moringa is packed with the vitamin E and C your brain needs to keep itself healthy – and it helps to regulate the neurotransmitters that run everything in your brain.

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4. Moringa Can Help Fight Infections

In addition to all the incredible benefits we’ve already listed, moringa can also help your body fight off infections and keep itself healthy. (6)

That’s because it’s an anti-microbial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal agent – meaning that it can kill off the bacteria that can cause anything from utis to skin infections.

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5. Moringa Has A Ridiculous Amount Of Nutrients

If your body needs it, chances are moringa has it.

Want vitamin A? Look for moringa. Vitamin C? Yup.

Calcium? Amino acids? Potassium? Protein? Vitamin E? (7)

It’s got all those too.

Like we covered before – it’s a superfood.

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6. Moringa Helps Heal Cuts And Wounds Faster

Moringa contains compounds that help your blood clot more easily. That means that if you’ve got a cut, scrape, or wound – moringa helps your blood to clot more quickly, helping you to stop bleeding faster and heal faster. (8)

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7. Moringa Helps With Diabetes

Moringa has been found in studies to help reduce diabetes symptoms and help people with diabetes feel healthier.

That’s because it can help to lower blood sugar and cholesterol in diabetes patients – and it also helps keep their cells healthy and more protected from damage. (9)

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8. Moringa Reduces Oxidative Stress In Your Body

Heard of free radicals? They’re the molecules floating around your body that damage your cells, cause inflammation, and cause oxidative stress.

Heard of moringa? (Of course you have, you’re reading this article). Moringa helps to get rid of those free radicals and protect your body from all those things. (10)

The antioxidants in moringa (in moringa leaf in particular) have been found to be incredibly effective at removing free radicals from your body and preventing oxidative stress.

9. It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Moringa is great at helping your cardiovascular system run at peak efficiency and help you reduce your risk of heart disease.

That’s because it helps to reduce your cholesterol levels, reduces the amount of plaque that forms in your arteries, and helps control your blood lipid levels. (11)

What does all that add up to? Reduced risk of heart disease – and another compelling reason that moringa is amazing for you.

10. Moringa Helps Treat Insomnia

Moringa leaves and drumsticks can help improve the quality of the sleep you get – and help keep insomnia at bay.

That’s because it contains tryptophan – an amino acid that helps promote healthy sleep by increasing the amount of serotonin and melatonin production in your brain. (12)

So if you’re having trouble sleeping, try adding moringa leaves and drumsticks to your diet.

11. Moringa Improves Your Digestive Health

We’ve already talked a lot about how moringa is such an amazing anti-inflammatory – and your digestive system reaps those benefits.

That’s because it can help you avoid problems like stomach ulcers, yeast infections and fungal infections, and digestive problems.

In summary…

The Best Benefits Of Drinking Moringa

  1. Moringa protects your liver
  2. It reduces inflammation
  3. Moringa keeps your brain healthy
  4. Moringa can help fight infections
  5. Moringa has a ridiculous amount of nutrients
  6. Moringa helps heal cuts and wounds faster
  7. Moringa helps with diabetes
  8. Moringa reduces oxidative stress in your body
  9. It keeps your heart healthy
  10. Moringa helps treat insomnia
  11. Moringa improves your digestive health

benefits of drinking moringa

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